Tips On Introducing Your Newborn To Your Dog

Tips On Introducing Your Newborn To Your Dog


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For those of you who are living with a family pet, it can be quite challenging to introduce the newcomer to the dog. Well, lucky for you, this article will provide some tips that will surely help you introduce your kid the right way.

Help your baby and dog become good friends

Having a dog and a baby?

There is nothing bad with having both your baby and dog in the same house. There were actually many studies that shown that it is very beneficial for the baby’s immune system if she grows up with a family pet, be it a dog or a cat. The dirt that our pets get inside will help the baby’s immune system mature fast, which can protect them from a lot of conditions, like allergies.

When you bring your newborn into their home, what can be exiting for both you and your spouse, can be quite confusing to your pets. Think about it: that little thing looks human, yet it does not speak, act or move in any way that your pet has ever seen. In addition, that little creature is now taking all the attention from his owners.

While dogs are very smart and they can learn easily, sometimes they can show jealousy instead of a will to learn. This is why you should plan this ahead, and help create a bond between the dog and the family’s new member.

Educate your dog before the baby comes

One of the most important things for safety, especially if you have a larger breed is that you educate your dog. He needs to know the basic commands, jump, sit, and stay. These will be a life saver especially when the baby comes.

Well-behaved cats are also good pets, even if you have a baby

Some helpful tips:

  1. Gradually change your dog’s routine, which means that you should slowly help your dog sleep in other places, if you do not want him in the room. This way your dog will not associate the bad things with the coming of the new member.
  2. Lessen the activities before the baby arrives. Just as it was mentioned, you need to gradually teach your dog that there will not be that many play times. This way, you will again help your dog get used to playing less than before, while not thinking it is the baby’s fault.
  3. Play baby sounds in your home. This can help your dog get used to baby sounds that are soon going to come, which means that he will not get overly excited and start barking and jumping around when the baby starts crying.
  4. Teach your dog about new objects and smells. Introduce your dog with the baby stroller and show him that that is not a new chew toy. You should also introduce him to different smells, like baby powder and lotions.

Final word

There are many other ways you can help your baby and dog bound, and these tips will get you started. After your dog and kid have become friends, you should buy toys that they can enjoy, such as quality kids sports toys this holiday from Step2 Direct that are perfect for outdoors.