Is cannabis cultivation an expensive process?

Is cannabis cultivation an expensive process?

 Buying cannabis in the grey market or in the open market is certainly an expensive affair which often pushes people to venture into cannabis cultivation. The question now is whether the cultivation process itself an expensive affair. Here are few indicators that you should be considering before you jump into the cultivation process.

Many people in their enthusiasm just jump into cannabis cultivation without making a proper initial assessment. It may be true that just about anyone can cultivate marijuana but it does not mean that it is a totally easy process. There are challenges and complications involved in the process of cultivation but whether you need to go through them or whether it is worth facing them will be decided based on your specific usage pattern and your life situation. If you are going to use marijuana just once a year or twice a year then you need not have to go to the extent of cultivating your own marijuana because it is a tedious process. On the other hand, if you are someone who has been prescribed with marijuana as part of your pain management medication or mood shifting medication then you will find it a worthwhile project to take up.

Whether it is an expensive project or not will depend on the above factors and also on few other factors which we will discuss below. If you do not have any outdoor space then you will be able to grow marijuana from feminized cannabis seeds that are meant for indoor cultivation. However, for indoor cultivation the setup costs are high. You will need to have proper indoor setup which will include lighting, humidifying equipment and temperature controller, etc. If it is going to be outdoor cultivation, you need not have to worry about such challenges. You can easily get started with the cultivation process easily as long as you find a spot that gets plenty of sunlight.

Even for indoor cultivation, if you cultivate regularly, the ongoing savings that you enjoy will pay for itself over a period of time. To increase your success rate and to speed up the cultivation cycle go for autoflowering feminized seeds. It will help you have multiple batches of cultivation within a short span of time.

For someone who uses marijuana regularly, the cultivation process is not an expensive one. For someone who uses marijuana in a very limited way, it does not make sense to put in that kind of effort, time and money unless you fancy the idea of growing your own marijuana. There are people in all three categories, people who use cannabis extensively and cultivate it to enjoy ongoing savings, there are people who use marijuana sparsely and buy the buds directly instead of cultivating. Thirdly, there are people who use marijuana sparsely but cultivate weeds because they like the idea of cultivating their own marijuana even if they do not use it regularly. So it is up to you to decide.