How to Care for Your Clip-In Extensions

How to Care for Your Clip-In Extensions

Style your clip in extensions

Just because you have hair extensions doesn’t mean that you can’t use straighteners, curlers and hairdryers anymore, all you have to do is make sure that you use less heat just like you would on your natural hair.

Your hair extensions may respond faster to the heat than your natural hair does, making them quick and easy to style. Ensure that you don’t apply heat tools directly to your extensions for too long. Avoid using mousse, gel or hairspray as they can build up as well as melt into the hair. Treat your extensions the same way that you treat your natural hair so that they look and feel soft and shiny. Don’t forget to use a heat protector prior to using any heating appliances on the hair.

Wash your clip in hair extensions

You should only clean your hair once every six weeks. Mix half a teaspoon of shampoo with one cup of lukewarm water. Then, fill up the sink with warm water and pour the diluted shampoo into the water. Keep the clips and top weft out of the water. Ensure that your extensions are not tangled and put them into the sink. Swirl around your extensions very carefully, then rinse the extensions under cold water (this will lock in the moisture).

Ring out excess water and try to avoid tangling the hair, lay out your extensions flat on a dry towel. Use a high-quality conditioner on the extensions; intensive repair treatments work really well. Use a wide tooth comb to comb through the weft. Gently fold over the towel and leave for one hour to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair. As soon as your EH Hair Extensions Clip-In extensions have fully dried, you can then comb through the extensions gently from the clip to the tip. You can then apply heat protection spray and straightening if you wish one weft at a time.

Store your clip in extensions

Never put your extensions in a plastic bag or any plastic packaging.

Ensure that you close the clips immediately after removing them from your hair.

Store in cotton or breathable material.

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t use products that consist of alcohol because they can dry out your extensions and cause them to become weak and brittle.
  • Don’t swim with extensions in
  • Don’t lighten or bleach your extensions.
  • Don’t forget to take out your extensions before going to bed. Remove them one at a time to prevent causing damage to your hair.