Best Ways to Reserve Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Best Ways to Reserve Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Are you planning to go on a vacation abroad? If the answer to the question is YES, you should be booking your flight tickets as early as possible. Remember, flight tickets can be open even 6 months in advance. This is unlike the train reservations that open 60 or 120 days in advance. Secondly, the costs of flight tickets are variable whereas the train tickets are uniformly priced. This makes it all the more important to book early and avail attractive discounts. Let us look at some of the best ways to reserve cheap flight tickets online.

a)Try out the airline site instead of the travel websites

It can sound ironical, but you do get cheaper rates when you book directly from the airline websites. This is because of various factors. The travel websites have their margins and commissions. You need not incur such charges when you book from the airline websites directly.

The basic advantage of booking tickets from the travel websites is that you get a range of options. You are able to compare prices of various airlines on a single screen. The best way to reserve cheap flight tickets online is to note down the flight numbers of the cheapest fares on these travel websites and check out the official websites of the airlines. You might end up with a better fare. This might not apply to all flights, but it is certainly worth giving a try.

Booking from the official websites of the airlines gets you valuable flyer points. You can use them at a later date to get attractive discounts.

b)Browse incognito

If you notice the patterns carefully, you will find that you find different fares for the same flight when you check out at different times. People new to booking flight tickets online believe that this might be due to increase in demand. In fact, it is nothing of that sort. The flight booking websites are simply very clever. They understand the browsing trends of the customer checking out prices online. These websites place cookies on the computer from where you browse them. These cookies keep track of your booking activity every time you log in to search for cheap flight tickets online.

Hence, they jack up the prices the next time you visit these websites thereby creating an artificial demand-like situation. This can prompt people into panic buying. Under such circumstances, you always end up paying more.

The best way to overcome this problem is to browse incognito. When you browse incognito, you hide your IP address from the target websites. This prevents them from placing cookies on your computer and tracking your behaviour. Therefore, you get realistic fares every time you search for these flights. Experienced travellers use this method to reserve cheap flight tickets online.

c)Travel during night time

You usually have international flights departing at odd hours. These flights have stopovers at various places. For example, a flight from Chennai to New York might have a stopover at Mumbai and Frankfurt. There might be people booking flights from both Chennai and Mumbai. Thus, you might find many seats going empty on the Chennai to Mumbai leg. These airlines offer these seats at a heavy discount. Try out such flights for booking short journey tickets. You can end up saving a lot of money. In addition, you experience the higher degree of hospitality reserved for an international airline.

d)Try out the cheap no-frills airlines

The opening up of the Indian skies has brought a large number of private players into the fray. There were flights offering airline tickets at rates lower than the train fare between the two cities in question. You might have to forgo certain amenities like free food, leg space, baggage allowances, and so on. If you travel locally, you need not travel heavy. Hence, you can afford to forgo baggage allowances. At the same time, short duration flights are not very uncomfortable even if you have less leg space. Not everyone in India loves airline food. Therefore, forgoing these amenities should not be a big issue, especially when you save a lot on the ticket fare.

e)Avoid weekends and holidays

Plan your journey in advance. This will help you book your tickets on the days when there will be lesser traffic. Naturally, the rates will be less on such days because of the absence of demand. Avoid booking rickets on holidays and weekends as much as possible because these days are always expensive to fly. It is always cheaper to fly on a working Wednesday in comparison to a Saturday. This is one of the better ways to reserve cheap flight tickets online.


Booking airline tickets is an art, science, and commerce rolled into one. It requires great skill and foresight to book cheap tickets online. The tips discussed above can be of great help to you in this regard.