5 Unbelievably Cool Kilts for Men You’ve Never Seen

5 Unbelievably Cool Kilts for Men You’ve Never Seen

When you think of kilts for men, what do you visualize in your head? Most people assume all mens kilts are designed like traditional Irish or Scottish kilts. These are usually made with plaid or tartan fabric, and paired with a sporran, kilt hose and ghillie brogues (aka: kilt shoes). While these are still very popular among native Scottish and Irish men, these aren’t the only styles that are circulating menswear stores with kilts for sale. You can actually find some pretty awesome kilts that look nothing like the classic pleated men’s skirts.

Since the utility kilt debuted, kilt designers have been putting their own twist by experimenting with different fabrics, accents and lengths. Moreover, it used to be nearly impossible to find kilts for sale without travelling hundreds of miles to where kilts originated. Now you can just surf online at mens online clothing stores, like Differio, to find the most unique mens kilts. We found the five most creative, trendy and innovative kilts for men that’ll give any guy some serious kilt envy.

  1. Hybrid Kilt

What are hybrid kilts for men, you may ask? These are basically a combination of two totally different kilts designed on one skirt frame. If you’ve ever been torn between a plaid kilt and a black kilt, now you can rock both styles! The pleats are strategically designed so that every other panel is designed with an alternating color, fabric or print. Hybrid kilts are one of the most playful ways to boost your men’s streetwear, especially paired with a neutral t-shirt or solid hoodie. In other words, you’re basically getting two kilts for one price (score!).

  1. Towel Kilt

Towel kilts are a cool way to flaunt kilts for men when you’re not running errands or hitting the pub. We’re not talking about those novelty towels that are printed with a kilt graphic so it looks like you’re wearing a kilt when it’s wrapped around your waist. The towel kilts we’re referring to are designed like regular sport towels, but they’ve got a plastic buckle on both ends. You’re basically wearing a modern kilt that’s made with terry cotton fabric that’s perfect for gym goers and beach lovers.

  1. Denim Kilt

If you’re ever bored of designer jeans for men, then denim kilts for men are exactly what you need to refresh your wardrobe. Obviously, these are made from denim fabric, but they come in a cool range of washes. From light chambray to dark indigo to classic blue, these denim kilts look just as cool paired with high top sneakers and graphic tees.

  1. Tactical Army Kilt

The tactical utility kilt is actually a thing, and the most rugged men in existence are wearing them. Military utility kilts for men are usually designed in some type of army-inspired pattern, like camouflage, khaki and army green. Additionally, they’re all equipped with large cargo pockets, belt loops and quick snap-on buttons. Army kilts for men also make the coolest USA kilts you can wear for Memorial Day and Independence Day.

  1. Rainbow Utility Kilt

There’s just no other men’s kilt that’s more colorful than a rainbow-colored kilt. This one’s definitely for guys that want to make a flashy statement and show off bright colors. You can find different rainbow variations from in-your-face colors to rainbow colors placed only on the pleats. Whichever style you go for, you’re going to turn heads in a utility mens kilt designed with rainbow colors.