5 Most Unusual Birthday Gift Ideas

5 Most Unusual Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are always special and so should be 30th Birthday Gift Ideas. We have the 5 most unusual 30th birthday gift ideas for him. Read them before you go shopping for your near one’s birthday.

Gifts That He/She Would Want

Gift something that the receiver would want to have. Find out his/her likes and dislikes. What you might think to be a great gift, the receiver might not. So be sure you find out if your gift is something that will please the receiver. Variations of gifts like flowers, chocolates, jewellery, etc. should be taken into consideration and then the one preferred should be gifted. You should pay attention to details like colour and style and try to gift something that will have an appeal to the receiver.

Gifts That He/She Would Need

Try to find out what the receiver needs but doesn’t have. If you have heard him say that he wants a new guitar or if she had once complained that she has nothing new in her wardrobe, give it. Did your dad complain last month about his shoes? Get him a new pair. Did mom shout for a new baking tray?

Buy her one on her birthday. Does your sister want a new lipstick? Note down to remember on her birthday. Have you heard your boyfriend whining about insufficient pace in his laptop? Remember to buy him a hard disk. Buying gifts that would be useful and that the receiver lacks would be really appreciated.

Gifts That He/She Will Remember

Give a gift that will stand the test of time and will be remembered for a long time to come. Buy your near and dear one a gift that he or she can boast of even after 5 years. Something like a jewellery piece of gold or silver that won’t tarnish and will remain valuable is a great gift idea.

A solitary pendant or orchid brooch will be something she will be proud of. For a man, you can buy a classic pen or a branded watch. A wine bottle to be opened after 5 years is another good option. A painting of the receiver will thrill him/her and will stay with the receiver forever.

Gifts That Will Make Him/Her Day Special

Instead of giving gifts that are material, you can try doing something different and unusual. Give the person an experience. Take him or her for rides to amusement park if you know he/she likes such activities.

You can do all the chores for your mother on her birthday or you can take dad for a long drive to his childhood town. You can take your girlfriend or boyfriend bungee-jumping. You can go up the tallest building and have a great time at the terrace from where you can view the entire locality. These experiences will remain with the receiver forever and will give the person a real thrill.

Gifts That Will Keep Him / Her Connected To You

One unusual gift idea is to give a gift that will make the receiver connected to you always, like a multimedia mobile phone or a Mac pod or even a pager. This gift, besides being a gift, will show your eagerness to keep in touch to the receiver always. This will win is or her smile as well as feelings of love and thanks. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas ever.