Rakhi Delivery to Canada

Rakhi Delivery to Canada

Significance of Rakhi

India is a land of land of festivals and Traditions. While some of our festivals such as Diwali are quite popular around the world, there is one another festival that may not be so well know, but holds great importance in every Indian brother or sister lives no matter where the live. This festival s is known an Rakhi.

Rakhi is a festival celebrated between siblings irrespective of their age. The significance of the festival is that a sister ties a tread on her brother’s wrist and shows her gratitude towards him. In return brothers make a promise to protect their sister and uphold their honour. This festival solidifies the bond between a brother and sister. You see the relationship between siblings is quite unique. Siblings are just not relatives but during different phases play different roles in each other’s lives. When they are young they are often each other’s worst enemies and the next minute they are each other best friends. As they grow up they become each other confidants.

So, it becomes especially hard when they are apart on this particular day. More and more people these day move to different cities for work and other reasons. While it still may be possible to travel to a different city to be with your sibling, it is very hard when your sibling mover overseas.

Every year thousands of Indians leave India to move to a number of foreign countries. One of the most popular countries is Canada. To address this very issue, IGP now offer all it valuable customers the option to not only deliver rakhi’s in India but also worldwide and of course that list includes Canada.

You see IGP, the online rakhi store stocks an amazing collection of unique and designer rakhi’s, along with a host of gifting options to accompany your rakhi. In return brothers can too shop at our online store for gifts for their amazing sisters. We offer collection of sweets, baked good, flowers, personal greeting cards, items for home décor, jewellery, apparels etc. So really all you have to do is go on our website, enjoy a surreal shopping experience, browse through our collection and make your selections. At the checkout give us a delivery address and leave the rest up to us. We will ensure you and your siblings have a joyous and wonderful rakhi. Rakhi delivery to Canada is hasslefree.

IGP delivery to cities in India and Worldwide

IGP’s premiere Delivery Services makes sure that your rakhi’s and all you rakhi gifts are delivered to your brothers or sister door step. And not just that we also provide all our customer with full support. We keep you updated on the status of your orders as well as delivery status. Additionally, our customers can also track their orders through our delivery tracking services.

We deliver to all major Indian cities including but limited to Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai etc. Our delivery services are not limited to cities in India. We have worldwide delivery services. Including countries like Canada, USA ,UK, Australia etc.